Waiting on the Movement

Posted: June 28, 2015 in General

The Uppity Negro

black lives matter woman

Last August, as the steam gathered behind the national sentiments of anger following the death of Michael Brown, I kept waiting for the moment that something or someone was going to grab the reins and take it to the next level.  As the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter emerged and assumed a life of its own, I kept waiting for the moment that I would see some coalition building across the geographical areas and honestly, maybe seeing some sit-ins and some demonstrations and a list of demands, real demands emerge.  It never did.

I went home for the holidays and went over a family friend’s house for Kwanzaa, a tradition that seems to have been birthed in my early childhood and has truly grown and expanded beyond what I could even imagine, and I brought this up with close family and friends asking “Where is the movement?”  I kept hearing a lot of…

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