10 Political Ads Reveal the GOP’s Winning Campaign Message for 2014: “Be Afraid!”

Posted: November 18, 2014 in General

United States Hypocrisy

If there was a theme that Republicans ran on during the recent election cycle , it was this: “Scary dark Muslims are sneaking across the U.S.-Mexican border and if you don’t vote for us they are going to chop your head off!” The most famous member of ISIS, the masked man who rose to fame after videotapes emerged showing him beheading Western journalists, made several cameo appearances in various GOP campaign ads. This is hardly surprising, considering a very similar theme was sounded four years ago, only then the furor was over a proposal to construct what politicians inaccurately referred to as a “Ground Zero mosque”. Muslims and nonwhite immigrants have unfortunately found themselves mercilessly scapegoated just about every campaign season since 9/11/01. On top of being singled out as a target for hate crimes and persecution by an ill-informed public, they’ve also come under severe repression and extraordinary rendition from an extremely hostile government…

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