Palestine’s Letter of Solidarity With Ferguson, Missouri

Posted: August 26, 2014 in General

United States Hypocrisy

Black Power salute A demonstrator at a banned pro-Palestinian rally in Paris, France showing worldwide solidarity.

When scenes of Ferguson, Missouri police officers decked out in full riot gear – attacking peaceful demonstrators with flash grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets – flashed across television screens everywhere from as far as the Americas to India and Japan, people in nations so-often criticized by the U.S. saw a side of the world’s so-called “protector of democracy” they’d never quite seen before. While people in countries like Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan and virtually all of Latin America know full well that the American Empire never actually practiced what it preaches, some seem to have been unaware of the fact that entire communities within the United States are treated much like occupied territories and the citizens like occupied subjects. People living in the nations of the so-called Third World know very well what it is like to have…

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