The Story


You would have to be living under a rock to not hear about Lil Kim’s recent release of identity theft, which featured Nicki Minaj’s face on an ID with Kim’s name on it. Of course the Hip Hop illiterate media are screaming that Kim is renewing her beef with Nicki but what is actually happening is something deeper, bigger, and better.

Enter the Queens

Though the sex to which I belong is considered weak you will nevertheless find me a rock that bends to no wind
– Queen Elizabeth I

Nicki has been holding down the public face for the women of Hip Hop for past few years. It’s a throne to which she ascended without much challenge except for Lil Kim. Recently there were attempts of the media to push Iggy Azalea into the ring with Nicki, which have failed miserably as Iggy can’t even earn her credibility as an authentic member of the Hip Hop culture. So the only person who has come at and can come at Nicki is Kim…and Kim’s back.

Kim’s first attempts to protect her legacy were fairly weak and uncreative. After a lil while Kim faded back into shadows and Quenn Nicki kept the spotlight. To Kim’s credit she was not prepared for Nicki and worse she gravely underestimated Nicki. In truth, Kim has nothing to fear really. She’s put in her work, paid her dues. And her place in Hip Hop history is fixed: she is and always will be a Hip Hop Queen.

Philly Fourth Of July Jam

Lauryn Hill has been performing quite a bit recently and although she hasn’t dropped anything new and fans aren’t really impressed with her Soca mixed speed spitting renditions of the tracks from The Miseducation of Laurn Hill, she’s making her presence known and it won’t be surprising to her start dropping singles and or getting features to lead up to – we hope – another album. So there’s that.


But Hip Hop heads in the know are also waiting to see what will come from the Bronx bred Remy Ma who has been released from her seven year prison stint. On August 1st Remy posted an “I’m back!!!” text gram on Instagram. The post was followed by photos of Remy sitting in the studio beside DJ Khaled. A few days later Khaled and Remy dropped “They Don’t Love You No More.” Remy’s hungry.

The Point

This is a mad exciting time for Hip Hop as the queens ante up to take own their respective place in the culture. So while the media is playing readership games flinging terms like beef and talking about which female is running Hip Hop, what we actually know is that even as they tussle for the reigning throne, they’re all queens and Hip Hop is better for them all representing Hip Hop women and dropping shit for the streets to bang to.

I’m not sayin; I’m just sayin,

An Angry Black Man


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