The Comparative Suffering of “Black Girls’ Zero-Sum Struggle” and “My Brother’s Keeper”

Posted: March 13, 2014 in General

An important piece addressing the combative, anti-male ideology that is beginning to dominate the Black Feminist discourse.

The Uppity Negro

obama brothers keeper

I didn’t have the pleasure of watching President Obama make the big reveal about the My Brother’s Keeper initiative that he’s launching from the White House.  I say that because I’ll never forget the impact of watching a live press conference on my lunch break last year and seeing Obama go off script about Trayvon Martin and hearing the words “Trayvon Martin could have been my son; he could have been me” coming from a president who was staring down not even looking into the cameras no doubt trying to maintain presidential composure.  The day he announced My Brother’s Keeper he had boys and young men of color standing behind him and watching the young man with cornrows speak at the White House was monumental.  Never in our country have we had someone speak about this issue who had the social and racial capital behind him.

However, like most political…

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  1. The idea that the young lady implies black men over black women is preposterous. The idea of black women doing all the heavy lifting is a put down of the black male.
    During slave times, black men were made to stand by and watch degradation heaped upon himself and his “family. The idea adopted was to survive.
    Black women of today seem to have taken over the role of the slave master and a lot of them act as emasculation tool for white males.
    As a disenfranchised race of people, we need to understand men and women needs to be equal partners in all things to stop the chaos white men stir up to keep our eyes off the goal-EQUITY.

  2. revmatthews says:

    “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

    But there are those in the Black Feminist Movement that wants the tide to lift their boat first; then, after a signal from them, to slowly lift the brother’s boat–but not at a level equal to theirs.

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