Another Month of Unchecked Police Terror…

Posted: November 25, 2013 in General

Good work, my friend. Don’t ever stop documenting and posting these instances. We have to bombard the people with the this evidence of truth in hopes that they will be discomforted and upset enough to join together and stand against these menaces to society that we call law enforcement. RESPECT.

United States Hypocrisy

prosHardly a week goes by without new reports and videos emerging of police officers terrorizing people in the United States, but with an entire week left to go in the month of November there’s already been too many instances this month to keep track of. From the racist harassment common to Detroit’s suburbs to the horrendous violations of the most basic citizen rights in Miami Gardens, Florida, police all over the nation are doing little to dispel concerns that they are absolutely out of control. Perhaps the real question is, why should they? After all, it’s painfully obvious that the system that supposedly exists to hold them responsible and keep them in check has absolutely no interest in holding them to account for their actions. As Mumia Abu Jamal once wrote, “The police, tools of white state power, are a force creating chaos in the community, not peace. They…

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