Understanding the Culture of White Right-Wing Rage That Produced the Govt. Shutdown

Posted: October 18, 2013 in General

Informative and knowledgeable. Exceptional Insight. A definite must read.

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What we can learn from the Philadelphia firebombing of 1985.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com/John Hanley

In Jason Osder’s disturbing and extraordinary new documentary “Let the Fire Burn,” which entirely consists of archival footage, we see a Philadelphia police officer named James Berghaier testify at a commission hearing about the events of May 13, 1985. That was when police dropped an incendiary device (a bomb, in plain English) on a rowhouse in West Philadelphia, igniting a massive fire that killed 11 people – five of them children – and destroyed 61 homes in a working-class neighborhood. Although it happened almost three decades ago, at a time of immense urban dysfunction in America, the Philadelphia MOVE bombing has a startlingly contemporary feeling, partly because it was one of the first all-day live news events, captured in extensive detail by numerous video cameras.

Most of the official testimony we see at the hearings is…

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