After 4 Torturous Decades Inside of an American Prison, Herman Wallace of the Angola 3 Takes his Final Breath

Posted: October 18, 2013 in General

This is so indicative of “The American Way.” Never Justice; just some shameful appearance thereof smh.

United States Hypocrisy


Herman Wallace was a truly Revolutionary Freedom Fighter in every modern sense of the term. After an indefensible 42 years of being kept in solitary confinement inside of Louisiana’s notoriously cruel Angola State Penitentiary as retribution for his role in forming the Angola State Prison Chapter of the Black Panther Party, Wallace was released from behind prison walls at long on Tuesday, October 1st after an order by a Louisiana Federal Judge, citing the fact that women were systematically excluded from serving on the jury that sentenced him to life imprisonment back in 1974. The ruling came as a result of the unyielding efforts of advocates on behalf of the Angola 3, but was done with the full knowledge that Wallace had been fighting with advanced liver cancer for a number of years and would likely die within a matter of days. On Friday, October 4th his earthly…

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