After much discussion and some controversy surrounding Kendrick Lamar’s feature verse on Big Sean’s Control, it appears a battle is in the making.

Originally old skool Hip Hop heads felt Kendrick’s name dropping on his verse was both lyrically ethical and much needed. Rappers like 50 Cent and KRS-One expressed this thought. This comes from the nostalgia about the good ole days of Hip Hop when competition was commonplace. However, most people that responded, including myself, felt that there would be no personal offenses arising from the moment and that at most rappers would take to the studio and come back lyrically.

Taking it Personal

The first to take personal offense to the verse was Papoose. His issue was that he felt Kendrick had gone too far by calling himself “The King of New York.” Being that Kendrick is from Compton, Papoose felt it was disrespectful for an outsider to claim rule over a place he’s not even from. Papoose did express his response lyrically but also took any media moment offered to express how disrespectful he felt Kendrick was.

Now it appears that Drake has taken issue with Kendrick’s verse. At first Drake had been relatively quiet focusing on releasing his latest project, but on an interview with Angie Martinez of Hot 97 Drake responded and it was apparent he was in his feelings about Kendrick’s name dropping.

Drake feels that it is unnecessary and that Kendrick is trying to make a moment for himself by coming at everyone. He thinks that ultimately a Kendrick will ostracize himself from his peers through this behavior.


Kendrick Strikes Again

A leak from the BET Awards recording shows Kendrick openly dissing who many speculate to be either Drake or Papoose.

Kendrick spits the lines:

Nothing’s been the same since they dropped Control/

And tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes/

Ha ha joke’s on you/

I’m bulletproof/

While it is apparent that Kendrick is still taking shots and challenging his peers to a battle, Drake doesn’t seem like the likely opponent. Drake has feigned indifference to Kendrick’s antics and despite Drake’s passion for battle rap, it doesn’t seem likely that Drake will meet Kendrick in battle. If anyone, it seems like Papoose would be a willing opponent, but with his lack of visibility and current work, that wouldn’t be a media worthy battle. Kendrick is relentless and isn’t going to be satisfied until one of the dudes he called out steps up. Who is that gonna be, though? And what’s going to come of this sensitivity that is saturating Hip Hop and turning our rappers emo? To the rappers he called out I say, get out your feelings and battle if you feeling some kind of way. And if you not feeling some kind of way, just hold on, I think Kendrick is gonna help you with that.

I’m not sayin; I’m just sayin,

An Angry Black Man


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