The BET Fallacy

Posted: September 22, 2013 in General

Excellent information.


The BET Fallacy is my name for the false idea that blacks in America are somehow in control of their image – on television, in Hollywood, in the news, in the history books and all the rest.

Whites, with a straight face, will quote Chris Rock or point to a music video by some rapper to prove something about black people. Even Mark Twain thought minstrel shows, the BET of his day, were true-to-life.

The fallacy achieves its clearest, most laughable form when BET (a “black” television channel in America) is used to prove something about black people. As if black people owned BET, as if BET were a 24-hour-a-day National Geographic documentary on Black America.

Meet the owners:

A white man, Sumner Redstone, owns most of BET:

As of 2011 six companies produce 90% of what Americans read, watch and listen to:

  1. Viacom
  2. CBS Corporation
  3. News Corp
  4. Time…

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  1. revmatthews says:

    Beat ya to it, m’boy!

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