In Syria, as in Libya, the United States is not on the Peoples’ Side

Posted: September 12, 2013 in General

United States Hypocrisy

IMG_6631For anyone who’s even vaguely followed the situation as it developed in Syria over the past two years, and in particular the international community’s response to it, it must seem somewhat irrelevant at this point which side in the conflict is actually guilty of using the deadly chemical weapons that have been the cause of such international panic and alarm. This is especially true so far as the United States is concerned. If you’ll recall, it was as early as May when the U.S. began to discuss openly whether or not it would provide guns and ammunition to the Syrian “rebels”, whoever they may be (American officials assure us that the Free Syrian Army are a “moderate” bunch; you be the judge of that). This allegedly came in response to earlier reports of sarin gas being used on civilians back in April. Since that time there has been yet…

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