The Cost of Racism

Posted: September 1, 2013 in General

Must read call to action. Respect.

Awake Black Woman


While historic events were happening last Saturday, while so many marched on Washington, and many more watched, an incident came up on the social media radar that really angered me. This had happened a few weeks ago, and was only now, and interestingly on this particular day, starting to make headlines. Headlines such as these:

Black Patrons Refused Service Because White Customer Felt “Threatened”.

African American Family Denied Service After Diner Felt “Threatened”.


I feel a lot of things about this incident, and I’ll try to coherently express some of them here today. The one thing I want to make clear is that there always, always needs to be a price paid for racist actions.

I’m encouraging everyone to boycott Wild Wings Cafe, which is a nationwide restaurant chain. There are three locations right here in my town.

Their Facebook Page is where this “conversation” is…

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  1. revmatthews says:

    I had to reblog this one myself. Thanks for the link!
    There’s a lot of good Black writers out there that I’m recently discovering, both entertaining and insightful. Giving an OS Black man some hope!

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