From “The Help” to “The Butler”: The Troubling Politics of Hollywood

Posted: August 21, 2013 in General

Excellent critique. Respect.

The Uppity Negro


Let me be honest, I rather liked “Lee Daniel’s The Butler.”  I’m hoping for Academy Award nominations for the portrayals of Cecil Gaines and Gloria which were the based off of the real life story of the black butler who served across eight U.S. presidents by the names of Eugene and his wife Helene Allen.  One touching part about the movie was how much they humanized the presidents.  Even the likes of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan who aren’t much well liked in the black community were given moment of possessing the human touch that the movie displayed without coming off as forced or sappy.

I thought the movie accurately portrayed the civil rights historical events and gave about as much credence as one could expect from a biopic movie that sought to entertain rather than inform.  One of the challenges that Hollywood faces, even as left leaning as they…

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