We find George Zimmerman…. Not Guilty

Posted: July 14, 2013 in General

Good talk.

Verbal Manifesto

zimmermanBlack folk, Zimmerman was found not guilty for killing an unarmed black kid because of our short comings as a community, because of our disorganization as a people. Instead of marching down the street or changing the profile picture on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter page, we need to support black businesses. Let’s talk with our pastors, spiritual leaders and teachers, and community activist and create a national directory of black entrepreneurs and small businesses (like we did during the 1950s, “The Negro Travelers ‘Green Book’). Economically we don’t control our communities, socially we don’t control our education, and we do not influence our politics. In the Jewish, Asian, and various European communities these same goals and agendas were obtained. Until we reach these goals as a BLACK COMMUNITY, we’ll always be victimized by law enforcement and the United State justice system. We’ll always…

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  1. Caleb Gee says:

    That smirk on his face makes my heart harden.

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