Killer Kapitalist Kountry

Posted: July 10, 2013 in General

This is good talk. Such a relevant discussion. Respect.

Awake Black Woman

black woman reading

Socialist, Socialism since the advent of Amerikkka’s first Black president those have been Bad Words, Bad Concepts, Bad Ways To Run a Country. And yet…

What has Capitalism done for us?

We run everything like a damn business in this country to our extreme detriment. Look at health care for example. And I use the words “health care” only so you know what I’m referring to. The stark reality before Affordable Health Care Act was a twinkle in President Obama’s eye was more accurately called the Medical Industrial Complex.

And still is really, since Obamacare doesn’t even begin to kick in until this Fall. However, you see large parts of our society and government fighting tooth and nail to make sure even those baby steps of health care reform don’t get to be put into action. And I sit there wondering, because I thought it was LAW now, and…

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