VRA: Fighting Back

Posted: June 30, 2013 in General

Loved this! Especially the focus on what can be done to survive this attack and possibly challenge it.

Awake Black Woman

Amazon Warrior

You can CLICK HERE and sign the ACLU petition to congress urging them to repair the Voting Rights Act. I dunno if that is a real and possible thing, but sign the effing thing and we’ll see what’s what.

If my tone of voice today is a big pissy, it is because I am completely unable to can. Basically: iCan’t. That and I just returned from my bi-monthly head shrinkage with the Doc who manages my meds and I’m as gutted as the VRA. Twinsies, yay.

While I was doing my in-depth brain cleansing I had a few ideas on how to fight back. Signing petitions can do much, but in case the ish don’t work out, let us try a few other things.

I want to connect with activists. The people on the front lines who worked their asses off to get African-Americans to the polls in…

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