Eff Tha Police

Posted: June 30, 2013 in General

Good personal perspective on police harassment.

Awake Black Woman


I could generalize and say something like Black people in America view the police in a whole other way than white people do. Or I could say most Black people, or some Black people. Or I could talk about why I view the police in a particular way and you can compare it to how you view them.


One time in my early twenties I asked my BFF how many times she’d been pulled over by the police. We were close in age, similar backgrounds etc all that. Prolly why we clicked and became such pals. The only difference is that she was a redheaded white girl with pale skin and freckles. She said she’d never been pulled over before in her life. Ever.

At that time, I’d already been pulled over close to 10 times. Since then, twenty or so years later, that figure has doubled and then…

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