Recently there have been a number of subtle attacks on the legislative protections that been placed to protect minorities from discrimination.

The most recent are the attacks that have come against Affirmative Action and The Voting Rights Act of 1965. Cases have been repetitively placed before the courts in an unrelenting effort to strip the laws of its protections against discrimination.

The Voting Rights Act of 1965

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 came into being because, although the 15th Amendment gave Black people the right to vote, it did not stop voter discrimination. What happened in response to the passing of the 15th Amendment racists controlling the polls created literacy tests, poll taxes, and other things to restrict voting to White people only.


The Voting Rights Act signed by President Lyndon Johnson, protected against these practices because according to the 15th Amendment it was not illegal for states to create these extra voting requirements at their own discretion. The act recognized that discrimination was greater in some states more so than others. Sections 4 of the act specifically names certain states (mostly southern) that are required to obtain a “pre-clearance before than can make changes to the voting process in their state duevtonthe higher occurrences of discrimination that happened there.

The Gutting of The Voting Rights Act

Section 4 of the act was declared “unconstitutional.” The primary justification for this ruling is that America is not the same place (including the south) that it was in 1965. The last election’s Black voter turn out stats were used to “prove” that Black voters don’t need protection anymore because The Voting Rights has “accomplished its mission” and to continue to have such a law punishes states now for the way they used to be. Never was it mentioned that the last election was for the second term of the only Black President this country has ever seen and, of course, Black people turned out in droves to see that he was re-elected.


The Problem

The problem should be evident. If the courts are allowed to get away with this they will not only be stripping The Civil Rights movement of one if its greatest accomplishments, it will also set the tone and precedent of considering America a post-race culture where racism no longer exists and citizens do not need protection against discrimination.

The Point

I am not one for conspiracy theories, but I’m also not an ignorantly blind idiot. There is a post-race agenda taking place on the American political front. The purpose is to convince Americans that race is not an issue. In the wake of the Trayvon Martin case, the continued disproportional incarceration of Black men, the economic disparity of wages and income between the races, and the stop-and-frisk fiasco America continues to pretend that racism does not exist. What’s worse is they even convince some Black people that this is true. We are watching this country regress. It is only logical to fear that if they are able to take away legal protections and re-interpret civil liberties, how long will it be before they begin to suppose that slavery wasn’t all that bad either. The Black community must pay attention and find whatever ways they are capable to combat this threat because that sound we’re hearing in the distance is not the liberty bell, it’s the keys to our shackles.

I’m not sayin’; I’m just sayin’,

An Angry Black Man

  1. This scares me too, and you made a good point about the fact that Black people came out in droves the last election to insure that Obama gets reelected. This next statement is a conspiracy theory, but could this obviously false post-race America claim that we don’t need voting right protection anymore, and that if the Voting rights act is dismissed this would this insure racist America that any future Black president candidates will never get elected again?

    What happens now that they struck down section 4 of the voting rights act? These still very racist communities now have the right to change voting laws without permission? I fear for the future of our country, and for the future of people of color. Your right with the mass incarceration, the stop and frisk, and the school to prison pipeline, etc… it’s like our country found legal ways to be openly racist and get away with it in our so called “post-race society.” . We are going back in time, not forward, and America is blind to it believing that we aren’t racist anymore.

    This brings tears to my eyes.

    • DesiBjorn says:

      It’s a grave situation. And yes I do believe that now without section 4 which allows even the most historically racist states to make changes to voter requirements without approval, we may not see another Black president or it will at the very least be extremely hard to elect one. We are going backwards.

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