Melbourne, FL: Trigger-happy, Fist-heavy Cops Designate Elderly 66 Year Old Man Their Target for Brutal Rampage [VIDEO]

Posted: June 18, 2013 in General

Perpetuating the truth and exposing them for what they are. Respect.

United States Hypocrisy

flowersIt was the month of October, 2011 when police officer Derek Middendorf responded to a phone call over a dispute that had occurred in a small town located in Florida’s Brevard County, known as Melbourne. The dispute in question stemmed from a disagreement over money issues between a 66 year old owner of a local lawn care business, Albert Flowers, and one of his younger employees. Of the incident, Middendorf would later claim that the employee who made the 911-call reported that Flowers was carrying a knife, although this assertion has come under increasing doubt over time. (*) Flowers’s family recalls that the officer was notified beforehand that their loved one suffered with dementia, and by the time Middendorf arrived at the scene, the disagreement had apparently already been resolved. Oddly, in what was supposedly a break with protocol, Officer Middendorf made sure to turn off both the audio and…

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