A series, inspired by the CNN special, dedicated to race related identity issues concerning Black people in America.

Oppression is a debilitating social disease that cripples the oppressed. Oppression strips its victims of their consciousness and replaces it with a psychological filter that is constructed in the best interests of the oppressor.

We have been invited to death. America has invited all of it’s inhabitants, most severely Black people, to death. What is death but a loss of consciousness? A loss of consciousness that looses the soul from its body and gives it to the winds of fate to drift like a leaf in the breeze. That is what we are offered. We are overly entertained, overly indulged, overly obligated, and overly misguided. The intent is that we remain ignorant, oblivious, and distracted from that which matters most: consciousness — life.

There is a silent fascism growing in America. One that convinces us that are those in our society who don’t deserve the privileges afforded to others. We believe this so blindly that we will look at those who are just like us and decide that there is some personal flaw that they maintain that makes them deserving of less than we have and that affords others more than we have. This is a lie. The only thing separating them from us is a platform obtained by the previous generation — we can imagine what that generation endured to get it.

It has become part of our culture to assume that our way is the best way if not the only way. It can be found in our approach to foreign relations where we attempt to shove democracy, Christianity, and western philosophies on other countries. It is seen domestically when we ostracize our own citizens when they don’t drink the koolaid. That attitude creates hostility. It creates a combative dynamic between the country and its countrymen. For that reason, the individual can only approach the external forces as opposition and a threat. The pressure to assimilate and conform is an invitation to death for the individual. We cannot be a unit without respect and acceptance of the individual parts that make up that unit.


The Black community more than any other group in America spends an excess of energy combating the external forces of oppression: the stereotypes and misconceptions. What we must do instead is reach inside ourselves and fortify our own identities. The conviction of that knowledge will reflexively defend against those threats; who can create what has been created?

That is why lack of consciousness means death for a Black person. We cannot thrive in this country by being unaware, unconcerned, and indifferent to who we are. That is why the Black community continues to struggle to be a part of American society. Because all that is supposed to be American is at odds with it is to be a Black American. It is absurd.

I’m not sayin; I’m just sayin,

An Angry Black Man

  1. beyeself says:

    Indeed it is an absurdity, that the veil of ignorance is the blinding force that keeps most Americans in the perpetual cycle of unconsciousness; especially, its most disenfranchised group: blacks. It is unfortunate that most blacks can’t recognize this seemingly invisible insidious tyrant: its ‘democractic system,’ which has misguided their perception of themselves; making them think they are free, while most still can’t see their own beauty, trying to be different on each levels, having no connectivity, wholism nor self-awareness (though these groups may argue differently). It is conscious people like yourself and others who have decided to take on this fight- a worthy cause- for the justice.

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