The Beautiful Gate

Posted: May 3, 2013 in General

Violet Ambitions


There is a gate called beautiful
Where you could
Have your infirmities relieved
Have your captivity released
And breathe
Live beyond the limitations
Of reality
I wasn’t strong enough to go all the way
The presence of my vulnerability would have exposed your own
And you’re much too grown
Too cowardly to be weak
Might have cost you that mask
It would have been too much to ask:
Could you not hide?
Could you let me inside?
Let’s begin healing
Cause trust’s faded in the waking
Of the war that’s been raging
The constant taking
The emotional raping
I possessed too much humanity
Should have been more godly: impenetrable and other worldly
Maybe then I’d have been worthy of the effort it would take
Of the mistakes we were to make
To reshape fate
Maybe then you wouldn’t have left me lying at the beautiful gate

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