Bell Hooks, an intellectual, author, teacher, feminist, and cultural critic (who, if you don’t know, you are missing out on one of a great Black female mind), wrote a book called All About Love. The book deals with Love from an intellectual perspective rather than an emotional one. What happens then is a candid, objective, look at what love is, how love operates, and why it seems so lacking in so many lives and the world in general.

I read the book years ago and decided to revisit it now in order to dedicate a series of posts to its nature and subject.

Love is a subject that is often discussed in the most trivial and superficial terms: dating, how to get a man/woman, or sex. Love, as a subject matter, especially from a Black perspective, hardly ever includes discussions regarding the nature of love, the function of love, the purpose of love, or the relevance of love. All we ever talk about is how we want it, have it, never had it, or keep losing it. We are right to see lack of love as a concern; we just have to find an angle for exploring solutions and develop a language for articulating what we find.

We live in a world where love seems always just out of reach. For the Black community, this is especially distressing and most of our responses have been reactive and extreme.

We, as a nation, have become a loveless culture. We, the Black community, have become a love forsaken people. Not because love no longer exists but because we can no longer recognize it when we see it. In this series, An Angry Black Man wants to talk about that.

I’m not sayin’; I’m just sayin’,

An Angry Black Man


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