A series, inspired by the CNN special, dedicated to race related identity issues concerning Black people in America.


I used to find history daunting and boring. I could not understand why people wanted to continuously talk about what had already happened and could not be changed. Then I discovered that history (at its best) is not just a retelling of what has happened. It is an introspective, a retrospective, an intellectualizing of what has happened, how it happened, and (most importantly) why it happened. From that analysis, many recommendations about how to proceed in the future can be made.

Black history is not just what has been done. Black History is what is happening now that will one day be a part of history. That is why what we do now is important and powerful. We must have that type of urgency about the things we do or don’t do right now. Tomorrow someone will be studying those records and will be searching for the answer for their time. We can have a hand in that by being conscious and responsible about the present.

We have to be willing to learn from the successes and failures of the past. Those leaders are not distant Gods whom we will never be able to reach or whose accomplishments can never be replicated. They are heroes in the truest form of the word. A real hero doesn’t need an audience and they do not need to do anything extraordinary. Real heroes do things that anyone else could do but no one else was willing to. We can all be heroes.

I’m not sayin’: I’m just sayin’,

An Angry Black Man


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