Posted: January 10, 2013 in General, Relationships

This is a real discussion on the relationship between Black men and Black women. Good Talk!

The Uppity Negro

[Editor’s note:  The gross generalizations when using the blanket terms of “black women” or “black men” are not to be understood as engaging the stereotype of “all” and lumping everyone into broad categories.  But for the sake of easy communication in an already lengthy blog post, please adjust your comprehension accordingly.  That is to say, if I’m not writing about you, then so be it; if the shoe fits, wear it, if not, then don’t. JLL]

In the Age of Obama, the smoldering embers of black female and black male relationships roared to life most unexpectedly.  For many years prior, the black female agenda had been relegated to novelists such as Toni Morrison and Alice Walker for example and was housed largely in the work of authors such as bell hooks or Jacqueline Grant just to name a paltry few.  Black feminist and womanist thought had not yet received the…

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