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Verbal Manifesto

I get it Republican Party (GOP), ya candidate didn’t win and you’re a little upset, but secession tho!!!? It was secession in 1860 that lead to the bloodiest war in American history. And that’s how you feel in 2012? South Carolina seceded from the Union because slavery was “threatened”, and ironically today, secession is proposed because people feel “threatened”. So I have to ask, what are people threatened of? Is it the” threat” of Democratic Party (The D) Policy or the threat of African-American leadership? If it’s the Democratic Party policy?, then its politics as usual. Senators and Representatives agree to disagree, compromise and go back to work. However that doesn’t seem to be the case this time.

That leads us to suggest that perhaps the GOP and other Americans citizens are threatened of African-American leadership. We can debate all day about the direction this country is heading in but the American people have…

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