Have you ever watched Ali fight? Stokely Carmichael/Kwame Ture speak?; Whitney Houston sing?; C.L. Franklin pray?; Jessie Jackson preach? There is a certain majesty that comes when a person is impassioned and in the grips of doing exactly what they are meant to do. It’s the sincerity of it; the truth rings clear as a bell and it’s in the same key as our souls. That’s how we just know it’s real.

The Democratic National Convention was nothing short of that same tenor of majesty. First Lady Michelle Obama was captivating, Nancy Pelosi was ferocious, Elizabeth Warren was endearing, Bill Clinton was riveting, and President Obama was amazing. The democrats came with class, candor, and ardor. Almost everyone was on their A game in a way I don’t think I have ever seen.

Part of the reason is because there is an astronomical amount at stake with this election. Political pundits, who most always are stuck in antiquated political tradition, may tell you it’s about the economy, or abortion, or gay marriage or some other issue. The candidates campaigns run off a central issue/theme that they are intending to focus on, but what is truly at stake is the future of this country. A future that cannot be placed in the hands of men who lie and deceive their way into power. Who flaunt their transparent masks of goodwill in the faces of the people as if we are both blind and stupid. It’s not about ONE issue or political affiliations. This is about character. Leadership is always about character.

 There really isn’t a resume that can prove that someone is a good leader. The stats and numbers can’t measure a persons soul, heart, and integrity. These things are developed over time and through experience and by the time you hit your fifties either you got it or you don’t.

Now is the time for change. One man can’t be the change; that will take the majority of us, but one man is that beginning. Never before have I seen a president try as hard as President Obama to be who they campaigned that they were. To be diplomatic and empathetic. We don’t need any more warrior presidents seeking to overpower, dominate, and dictate. You can read any newspaper and see America has mastered violence, anger, warmongering. We need the gentle strength of healing to right what’s wrong in this country. We need a man of peace. Obama 2012.

I’m not Sayin; I’m just Sayin

An Angry Black Man (who longs for happiness)


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