I recently came across an article  on The Root and another on The Black Informant discussing the Hampton University Business School’s anti-cornrow/afro/dreadlocs policy. I’m glad to see people bringing the issue to the light and exposing HBCU’s for what they are: antiquated instutions founded on a talented tenth philosophy that failed the race.

For anyone who has ever attended an HBCU, such a policy probably comes as no surprise. While there are a number of faculty that spout that nostalgic pro-Black, Black and proud bull, on the whole most have or would sell their Blackness for a modest salary or opportunity to receive status and approval from White America. And that is what they teach their students to do. HBCU’s waste so much time trying to socialize Black students and teaching them to coin their way through the market. They ignore critical elements like progressive curriculums, industry standard technology, and individual critical thinking.

The Black student graduation rate at HBCU’s is a whopping 42%. Which means less than half of all Black students admitted to an HBCU will actually matriculate. While the school with the highest graduation rate for Black students is, wait for it, Harvard University with a Black student graduation


So when I hear HBCU’s pontificating about their promotion of student success through superficial policies such as the ban on hairstyling, I have to say I’m nothing less than disgusted. Because its quite obvious the administration at these schools haven’t got a clue about what makes Black students successful.

What they are really doing is assimilating these students through behavior modification based on what America was like 2 decades ago when those professors actually were in touch with the world outside of academia. If only this was still the same America where Black people only needed to shuck and jive to get by. Alas it is not and if HBCU’s don’t get a reality check soon, they will find themselves irrelevant and extinct.

I’m not Sayin; I’m just Sayin

An Angry Black Man

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