So Rihanna’s been receiving some harsh criticism for the way she responded to questions about what happened between her and Chris Brown when she was recently interviewed by Oprah.

The Independent cited that critics say she “sanctioned” domestic violence when she stated, “I lost my best friend – like everything I knew switched in a night, and I couldn’t control that. He made that mistake because he needed help. Everybody’s gonna say he’s a monster without looking at the source. I was more concerned about him.” Erin Pizzey, an advocate for ending domestic violence said Rihanna sent “a dangerous message” and went on to say that both Rihanna and Chris Brown need help.

It seems to me the people who need help are the ones hurling these criticisms. I mean how vile is that! The very people who championed Rihanna’s cause when the news hit, are now the ones vilifying the woman for caring for a man she (at least once) loved. Just because she didn’t jump on the bandwagon and proclaim that she hates the boy and start reciting that victim rhetoric, they would rather attack and label the poor girl as being, I don’t know, punch drunk.

It does not make her weak or battered because she knew that a young man who, granted may have some issues with his temper, would be demonized by the media for a mistake he made. It has yet to be proven whether this was an isolated incident or part of a long stream of abuse to which Rihanna was subjected. So how can we say Rihanna is an abused woman and Chris Brown is a woman beater?

What has to be considered is that these are two young, famous kids who are learning about life and growing up under the microscope of an entertainment celebrity obsessed country that fiends for gossip.

It’s not cool to use someone’s circumstance to further your own agenda without their permission or support. No one asked Rihanna if she wanted to be the poster child for domestic violence! And as they came to her rescue from the eeeevil Chris Brown, it turns out the heifer was still loving the dude.

What I know is: there is more to the story than what Rihanna or Chris have shared. A side of the story that may indicate exactly why Chris resorted to such disrespectful and barbaric behavior and why Rihanna doesn’t hate him for it.

The fact is that relationships are messy. And matters of the heart can be consuming. The ones that are intensely great and seem to send us to Heaven can just as easily turn into the ones that drag us straight to Hell. What all relationships are is personal, private and not easily assessed from the outside. So to all the critics I say, leave them kids alone and go get yourself some business! Exploiting this situation and attacking those involved is just as violent and uncivilized as the incident itself. In pursuit of justice, you lose integrity and respect when you allow yourself to be no better than the unjust you are persecuting.

I’m not Sayin; I’m just Sayin

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